Nike ColorDry adds water-free dyed fabric to sustainable materials menu


    With an estimated 30 liters of water required to dye a single t-shirt using traditional methods, this technology has the potential to save trillions of liters each year
    The majority of a products environmental impact is determined by the ion of materials during the design phase. From recycled polyester to environmentally preferred rubber, ing from a menu of more sustainable materials can unlock opportunities to design products with lower impact on the planet.

    Through sustainable innovations in manufacturing, the menu is growing for Nike designers with the recent announcement of Nike ColorDry technology, a process that eliminates the use of water from fabric dyeing.

    You begin to understand the potential of ColorDry technology when you consider it takes an estimated 30 liters of water to dye a single t-shirt using traditional methods. Take that to a global scale and youre looking at an estimated 5.8 trillion liters of water used by the apparel industry each year to dye fabric.

    ColorDry technology eliminates water by using heat and pressure to convert liquid CO2 to supercritical fluid carbon dioxide, or "SCF" CO2, which then permeates and carries the dye into the fabric.

    Not only does ColorDry eliminate water from fabric dyeing, it also reduces energy consumption by around 60% compared to traditional dyeing, eliminates the use of process chemicals, and uses nearly 100% of dye in the process, practically removing the potential for wastewater pollution.

    The environmental benefits are only the start, as indicated by Nikes manufacturing partner, Far Eastern New Century Corp (FENC), who show the ColorDry process is both more efficient and more consistent than traditional, resource-intensive dyeing methods.

    "Compared to traditional dyeing methods, the ColorDry process reduces dyeing time by 40% and the required factory footprint by a quarter. Its also the most saturated, intense and consistent color weve seen," said Mr Kuenlin Ho, Exec. Vice President at FENC.

    With the combination of aesthetic and environmental benefits, Nike ColorDry is a welcome addition to Nike designers materials palette.

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