Green Boots: sustainability first


    In an era of eco interests, a Portuguese brand re-invented tradition, allying innovation and environmental concerns to an historic model.

    Green Boots motto could be ?tradition gets together with modernity?, as the brand recovers the half century old Portuguese working boots, allying it to what would become the distinctive element of the brand: sustainability. This characteristic is expressed on the materials used, such as recycled and reused tire rubber for the soles, allowing extra comfort and durability. The interior of the shoes consist of serge in cotton and blends, whose main characteristic is the breathability; cork pieces are also one of the materials used.

    Notwithstanding its short life, the brand is already exporting to several countries, such as Russia, UK and Italy, and the idea is to continue to distribute the traditional working boots around the world, while they are also available in Portugal and through the brand?s website.

    Within the Green Boots line everything is 100% Portuguese and hand made following the goodyear belt process invented by Charles Goodyear, Jr. during the industrial revolution.

    The birthplace of the Green Boots brand is the shoe factory of Mr José Rodrigues Serrazina, created in 1955 and located in Benedita, a small town in the center of Portugal, known since the 40s as a land of shoemakers. The goodyear belt process was used at the factory since the early days and the footwear produced was always marked by the high level of quality and durability, something quite uncommon for that era. Through its history the factory always remained faithful to the standards of quality of its founder and the boots? durability has become legendary, sought by various generations of workers, from civil construction to agriculture, as well as industry and fisheries. The selection of raw materials, the concept and the manufacturing process were all important elements to achieve footwear that is resistant and comfortable. 

    Following on the idea of mixing modernity with tradition, Green Boots recently released a limited edition of its boots with a unique design by famous conceptual artist Joana Vasconcelos, one of the most respected Portuguese plastic artists. She has made its presence in all major art exhibitions worldwide and recently held a solo exhibition at the Palace of Versailles in France, being the first woman and the youngest artist to exhibit at this historic site. The edition was limited to 399 pairs, and each pair was numbered and signed by the artist.

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