Footwear brand Softwaves launched a new eco friendly collection


    Portuguese footwear brand Softwaves launched a new eco friendly collection. Green Edition gathers the new line for next season, Spring/Summer 2014, and is totally focused on being environmentally friendly. 
    To manufacture the shoes, materials from natural sources were used, such as natural fibers (cotton, linen), cork, wood and BioNature leather. BioNature leather was developed as part of joint project BeNature, which gathered several entities such as tanning group ANC ? António Nunes Carvalho, footwear company ComforSyst, the Science Faculty from Nova University (Lisbon), the Portuguese Footwear Technological Center (CTCP) and the Leather Industry Technological Center (CTIC). The project aiming to develop biodegradable leather with minor impact to the environment was a success, with the objectives completely met and the line presented by ComforSyst, the company owning Softwaves, is now being shown at international markets.
    The footwear company prefers to use sustainable materials and products in its manufacturing process. To focus on differentiating products, such as biodegradable materials, more eco-friendly, is a key area for the company. Marcelo Santos, responsible for the project, believes that in the future products utilizing biodegradable and sustainable raw materials will have a competitive advantage in the market. ?We have noticed that in mature markets, there is a very interesting demand for this kind of products. Consumers look for differentiating products with similar characteristics at resembling prices?.
    Established in 2013, the brand name comes from the insole technique ?wave massage? which is why Softwaves footwear is soft and comfortable, according to the company producing it. 100% developed and produced in Portugal, based on intensive research, the key factor of the brand is the support by ComforSyst SA, a 40 years old shoe manufacture, with strong quality control and application of the most advanced techniques. Being proud of sourcing all materials in Europe, the company ensures all is tested before used in production. Softwaves is present all over Europe, in Japan, Canada, South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Chile, China and Israel.

    For more information about Softwaves please visit their website:

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